Mark Frölich has left the safe haven of his long-term board sponsor and embarked on new adventures, bringing back some stunning high-definition feats, and best of all, on his own sustainably produced 7-ply boards. Here’s a toast to many new adventures and to Good Manners Skateboards!

Discover Mark Frölich’s fascinating journey as he explores new horizons and astounds us with his unique talent. At Good Manners Skateboards, we stand for quality, sustainability, and a passion for skateboarding. Our boards not only deliver exceptional performance but are also responsibly manufactured to minimize our environmental impact.

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Follow Mark Frölich on his new adventures and be part of the movement towards a more sustainable and exciting skateboarding scene. Get your Good Manners Skateboards deck today and get ready to glide into the future of skateboarding!

Filmed by: Mefilmasuna, Daniel Kriesl, Jokin Abalia Diez, Dennis Ludwig, Timo Meier, Mariane Isa, Jesko, Kelvin Malwal, Burny, Juan Moyanoloza, Nick Wiescherman & Choimart.