Filmed in Milan, Italy, after a storm shook the city and resulted in a series of unusual skateable tree spots.

We would like to thank mother nature for everything she did for us all.
We want to thank the earth for letting us walk, grow, skate and live on her.
We show appreciation for all the creatures inhabiting this beautiful planet, blessing us with their magnificent calls, majestic looks and incredible forgiveness for all we do to them on a daily basis.
We feel very lucky to have trees supporting the ground we walk on, giving us shade on sunny days and ripening our food.
We are all truly blessed and don’t deserve all the love everything surrounding us spreads around the globe.
Take some time every once in a while to thank nature and all her sons.
Let’s be kind and respectful to each other, not just to people, but to the whole world.
Thank You.

A Project by: @skate_and_destorsione for @waldskateboards
Starring: @giorsesauro , @miche.palle , @skate_and_destorsione
Photo by: @camerayman94