This time, we want to share with you an exciting journey captured in the latest video from @spotstore_ , «Video 189». This footage immerses us in the last six months of the entire Spotstore squad as they explore different spots in Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus, and, of course, Brno.

«Video 189» is much more than just a record of tricks and stunts. It’s a testament to the passion and dedication of these guys to discover new spots and push the boundaries of skateboarding in various urban and natural settings. From the vibrant streets of Brno to the hidden corners of Austria, this video will take you on a journey full of adrenaline and creativity.

The Spotstore team embarks on a relentless search for unique and challenging spots, always seeking new ways of expression through skateboarding. Every trick captured in «Video 189» is a showcase of commitment and skill, as well as the diversity of landscapes they encounter along the way.

Are you ready to dive into this adventure with us? Then don’t miss out on «Video 189»! Get ready to feel the excitement of every trick, the energy of every spot, and the camaraderie that defines the skateboarding community. Join us as we explore new horizons and create unforgettable memories on our boards.

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Don’t miss out on «Video 189» and discover why the Spotstore squad is redefining the limits of skateboarding on every journey they undertake. Get ready to be inspired and thrilled with every minute of this incredible adventure!

Featuring: @je_to_jedno , @instavarek , @swagrinaseifertova , @kostatko , @mhrivna_ , @joachimkral , @dieguiprz , @jeeepr_ , @davidrezy , @bombastik_2100 , @zakharsoltanovskii , @dirtstache , Boris Jambrich & Alex Kililis.

Photo by: @zbynal_